Thursday, February 26, 2009

Counting down to lock up stage

The house is really coming along now, it's looking great I'm looking forward to doing the progress inspection on Tues. In the last 2 weeks the following things have been completed:

1. The scaffolding down
2. The rest of the roof on
3. The rest of the eaves done
4. Electrical and air con ducting commences
5. Undercoating on the brick piers

I wasn't expecting this much to be accomplished with the way the weathers been lately but rain has abated and my site supervisor (SS) has been very busy indeed.

So we're counting down to lock up stage, still outstanding:

5. The rest of the eaves
4. The rest of the scaffolding to go
3. Not sure if the balcony has been completed??
2. The rest of the bricks still to be cleaned
1. The cladding at the back

Friday, February 13, 2009

The T-Bar has arrived - Brickworks Done

The curved T-Bar for the portico finally arrived this week, about #^%$#$^ time it only took them 2 months to get it (not sure who is at fault here the makers of the t-bar or EB); they started doing the bricks in Dec. They finished the brickworks this week HOORAY!!! so now we can move on and get the bricks cleaned, take the scaffolding down and hurry up and get the rest of the roof/cladding on so we can lock it 'up' Eddy. I'm now stressing about the frames in this weather and being out in the element for this length of time (approx 4mths) and the floors flooded....surely if the frames are treated they should be ok???? Lock up stage was planned for Jan so lets hope they make up for lost time this month.

When I spoke to the bricklayers they told me that they're moving on from EBH as they're just not co-ordinated enough. EB seem to underestimate the number of mortar/supplies required and they have to keep calling them to sort it out. With our job they could have finished 3 weeks ago but since they had to wait for the t-bar have been delayed in finishing the job. He seems like a good operator and have not found any issues with his work but will wait and see from the expert. Will get Howard Ryan to check to make sure all is ok.

Last month I ordered our kitchen appliances and was a bit excited about getting them when they arrived I can't wait to use them now...I also bought a microwave oven to match - can't wait.

This week I met up with trimlite to get a fencing quote - doesn't sound too promising as we have a corner block - he thinks it will be very expensive approx $30k or more...what the !!!! so not sure what to do on this front.