Thursday, July 30, 2009

Managed to get computer access this afternoon but no time for blogging....will be out of action till Wed when hopefully will get internet access - can't wait to post some pics then.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Hooray!!!! We finally have our house, it was very exciting driving my car up the driveway for the first time and opening the garage door. Finally being able to get in my house.

I didn't get a chance to take photos this afternoon but will definitely take photos before we start the move this wkend. I will be doing lots of cleaning first, cleaning and more cleaning. Then we'll be packing, packing and more packing.

We moved out of our flat in 2006 so I'm looking forward to unpacking stuff we put in storage since that time. We bought the block in Dec 07 so it has taken us one and half years to get to this point. 4mths stuffing around not knowing what to do who to go with, then signed up with EB it took 5mths from tender to contract stage and 10mths construction stage.

Thank God that's over - EB must have been celebrating this afternoon just like we were tonight.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

There was one main rectification last week and that was to redo the flashing in the front, which was rectified earlier in the we were hoping to settle last week but there was a stuff up with the bank.

The bank valuer stuffed us around, we had lodged weeks ago to get the final valuation done so we can get the final settlement cheque - their excuse was that we or the builder hadn't returned their calls. Well it's hard to return a phone call when you didn't get it in the first place.

Then there was more drama to be had when the valuer eventually came to see the house but my SS was running late and the valuer couldn't wait for him; so he left and he didn't see the house. So then we had to speak again to the bank to organise the valuer again....nothing has been smooth sailing for us with this build so should have expected something to go wrong with this also.

The valuer came on friday so maybe Tues or Wed we can bloody settle this whole thing.... I can't imagine anything else could go wrong from here?? surely???

To do list:
packing again, lots of packing
on settlement - EB will change the locks, install appliances, taps & mirrors, fix some electrical stuff
work out window coverings
lots of cleaning & sealing of grout
more packing
hopefully get the place leveled so we can put a fence up on the corner side

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pre-settlement Inspection

The painters finally came on Wed and Tyrrell's also. Our independent inspector came on Friday to check the issues which were found in the PCI and unfortunately he didn't think the rectification for the flashing was satisfactory so we are hoping EB will get this fixed early this week.

Not sure if this is going to happen now as Tyrrell's signed-off on it already....I told my SS that I wasn't comfortable in signing the PCI when this was still an issue so hoping he does the right thing and get it fixed.

There were other things outstanding from the PCI which didn't get rectified, the striker plate on the doors - so the doors don't close properly in the wc & spare bedroom; the pantry door painting didn't get fixed up; we still have the curved t-bar in the garage; no cover for the manhole; my laundry security door still not changed (EB installed the wrong colour) and there are things which apparently will happen at settlement such as the locks changed, the hot water system installed, mirrors installed - my SS is worried that this will get stolen if we get this done before settlement - but my aircon is in - I hope no-one steals this...

We also found out last week that we don't have gas mains on our street, we only found out last week!!! this is like we'll put taps in but won't check if you have water mains...not sure if we were meant to check this???? but surely if they are providing us with the gas hot water they would check first if this was ok???? I was surprised that our street didn't have gas so now we have to get bottles put on the corner side of our house - which won't look to flash.

I called Gabrielle kitchen last week to see if they can fix some of the scratches I found when we did our PCI, my SS kept saying that the cleaners will clean it but I could tell it wasn't dirty the paint was scratched and also they drilled holes in the back of the cupboard under the sink and to cover it they just put a laminate sticker over the top so I wanted them to put a false back to cover this....hoping they can come next week. I also want to ask them about my cutlery tray as I think someone swapped mine for their old ones...why should I get skanky old ones...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

No painters today.

I just can't believe the CM was so concerned about us doing the practical completion inspection and getting it done straight away so that we can get a list together of all the defects yet now the practical inspection has been done - things are not getting fixed.

Me things he was rushing to get the practical completion done so that they minimize the liquidated damages that's in the contract

So now we are still no where in site of moving in and our defects period is ticking away - how is this possible??? unbelievable...this just does not seem right.
Tyrrells reinspection booked for tomorrow so lots of jobs today, EB have had two weeks but apparently everything on the Tyrrells report is getting done today...hhmmmm...still no one on-site so will only be half a day really.

To do this afternoon:
roof - bedding of ridge capping & flashing to complete, cleaning the gutter
painting - lots of touch ups & repainting the stairs
tilers to do lots of sealing & will be cleaning the drains - I thought the plumbers did this????
the doors don't close properly so not sure who's doing this????
the bifold doors are rusted apparently the cleaners clean this so not sure this is happening....
windows scratched still to be replaced

If they can do this in one day why didn't they do it two weeks ago????

The one thing that got done was the mosaic tiles - very surprised to see this done and also very surprised how they rectified the issue...The problem was that the tiling was not straight and protruding out plus the tilers couldn't get behind the vanity basin so the tiles were falling off.

EB's solution & Di Lorenzo - this was coming from the General Manager of Di Lorenzo - they tiled over the existing tiles. So you can imagine how thick this is looking...this was an issue in May so they have had at least one month to sort this out and this is how they fixed it.

Di Lorenzo are saying that the tiling should have been done first before the basin went in and that the basin has not been placed correctly it's too far away from the wall. They tiled over the tiles as this is the best option without moving anything....

EB just want the easy fix obviously so have decided to do this without asking us if we agree with it. We did not consent to tiling over tiles we wanted it done properly so if it meant moving the basin then this is what EB should do not this half arsed job....why do we have to constantly fight to get something done properly???? Has anyone heard of doing this to a NEW house - tiling over tiles????

Here are the tiles below which needed to be they tiled over this....

Why did I bother paying so much money for these *%$#@ing expensive tiles when this is how they are tiling it????

I feel like we have been taken for a very expensive ride long enough and I just want it to end

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No activity at the house today. We went to the Boral factory outlet today and saved some pennies buying seconds for our pavers; They had a great selection of pavers at very good prices so very pleased about that. We selected the Aspenstone in Vanilla for the side stepping stones, Travertine in Chalk for the alfresco area and Pavesacape in Birch & Rumba for the laundry area.