Saturday, November 29, 2008

nothing to report

A tad disappointed when I went to the block this morning, nothings been done. The off-white mortar/cement were delivered and that was it. Hoping the weather will improve over the weekend, surely they'll start the bricks next week...

Friday, November 28, 2008

no news

I haven't seen the block all week the car was getting fixed...the anticipation is killing me. I can't wait to see if they've started on the bricks...we had great weather all week except today. DH received a call today from our new CSR, just to touch base and see if everything is ok; this is a first for us and we were pleasantly suprised by the call. Things have vastly improved in this department.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

WIndow Frames Done

The window frames must have been done on Thursday or early Friday as it was the only time it didn't rain all week; I went past there this afternoon and they were in. We chose Pearl White for all the windows and sliding door and Woodland Grey for the bi fold doors to the alfresco area.
I'm hoping the woodland grey will look better ones everything is done....I wonder when the glass is put in for the bi fold doors??? The Africana Slumped glass will be put in the front sidelights & doors...not sure if this is a good look either???

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bricks have arrived

No news this week, the bricks arrived last week but no progress on the house and the weather was fine all week (so EB can't use that excuse). I think the palette of bricks we received looks good so far, I was worried we would get a dark palette but they look great. The bricks are PGH Sandstock and the colour is Balmoral. The mortar will be raked and off-white in colour; can't wait to see how this looks - gorgeous I hope.

Choosing the bricks was soooo hard, numerous weekends were spent looking at houses to see what the bricks looked like. It was hard to visualise what it would look like just by looking at a wall of bricks, I needed to see a whole house.

Not sure why the window frames are taking so long....we had such a great start with the slab & the frame. The gas has been installed and the plumbing is almost complete.

Started looking at fences this weekend, I think we'll opt for an aluminum slat fence with bricks or concrete piers - all pending on cost of course. Below is photo of the type we'd like - it's open but private at the same time???if that makes sense.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Frames done in 3 days

Came to check the block today to see if the frames had come and to our suprise the frames were up and almost complete. The ground floor was done in day one, second floor completed in day two and this is day this rate we'll be moving in by Easter??? can't wait to see the bricks now; so I guess the window frames and roof will be next. I asked how come it was so quick and apparently there are six men working on site...the house looks quite big now with the frames up.

front - garage on right

back - rumpus side

side - garage side

back - facing alfresco area