Tuesday, June 30, 2009

3mths today since we reached lock up stage....and we're still waiting. No activity at the house today, just really sad to see the empty house. This is such torture.

Monday, June 29, 2009

There's been no activity at the house since our inspection except for the water tank being replaced; so settlement this week is looking rather bleak....it's just frustrating to see the house everyday and nothing is getting done. One weeks rent that could be going towards the landscaping or window coverings or furniture funds...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

We got our interim occupation certificate yesterday afternoon so hopefully things will be straightforward with the bank side of things....would love to settle next week, how amazing would that be....not sure when the next Tyrrells inspection will be hopefully early in the week; not much activity has happened post the inspection just the water tank was removed last Thurs...I do hope the painters come this weekend...apparently the GM of DL is looking at my mosaic tiles also.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Independent Inspections

We received the Tyrrell's Inspection yesterday and my SS even went through the list. How about that for service. My CSR said that this wasn't the norm but I think EB should actually do this as part of their standard process...makes sense it's already part of their quality assurance program so why not involve the client to provide them with assurance that even though the build may have its defects that EB is looking into it and hopefully rectify the issues.

I have my fingers, toes and everything else crossed that this won't turn out like the last inspection and that EB will address issues coming from these reports. So far so good.

The only major thing coming out of the report was with the roofing it needs to be finished off (ridge capping loose & flashing needs to be rectified) apart from that minor things which still needs to be addressed such as painting issues, gutters needs to be cleaned, sealing in the bathrooms, drains cleaned - nothing that can't be fixed.

A big thing which for me has to get done - the bloody mosaic tiles, I wish I never got these now seems like a PITA to do. The powder room still to be redone.

So hopefully all small issues will get resolved, my SS is hoping to get all the stuff done by Friday!!! so will wait and see, I wonder if Tyrrells come back for another inspection???

Anyway very pleased with yesterdays outcome, I feel a bit relieved that our inspector was very very thorough and was generally ok with the standard of build. I wished we got Ben for the pre-plaster inspection...Ben had done a couple of inspections for us, we were looking at buying a property before we decided on building, we just missed out at auction at a property in Ryde but I remembered his report was so thorough. I actually never met him until yesterday. I recommend Inspect It for your next property inspection.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

New carpet

For a brief moment I was excited to see my new carpet (the colour is perfect) until I saw that the bed side switches had not been moved; which means the electrician will be going up and down the stairs with his muddy boots on my NEW carpet. Then the plasterer then the painter then it won't be looking so new anymore. I specifically asked that this be done first before the carpet was put in.

I spoke to the CM because he said to call him for any issues and the response I got was 'what do you want me to do Hermyleen rip up the carpet?' This was the response I got. This seems to be typical of his responses now - ok we'll rip up the tiles/wall and move the taps up. I would like to go to his house and trample all over his carpet with my muddy shoes and see how he feels about that. That's what I'd like to happen.

Care factor here is nil obviously.

I'm upset about this because I would like my new carpet to stay new - I paid a lot of money for this upgrade close to $6k just for this carpet. If I was living in this house already (just hypothetically) I wouldn't let dirty muddy boots anywhere near my new carpet.

So Tyrell's inspection is booked in for tomorrow and our own independent inspection in for Tuesday so maybe we'll do our PCI then. I guess it depends on when we get the Tyrell's report as we'd like to see this first.

I just don't understand why Tyrrell's are coming tomorrow when the tilers were suppose to come back and fix the tiling; plumbing not done in the kitchen - NO PLUMBING for the kitchen sink; the windows still missing stormmoulds; missing door fittings in the bedroom and laundry; fascia not fixed; brick piers need repainting; broken windows; house not cleaned....

I remember the CM telling us that EB were changing their procedures and that the inspection by Tyrrells will be done once the house is complete and up to 'display home' standard. This is not the case at all.

This experience seems more painful that my cancer seriously, just excruciating. I just want this to be over.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Not much news to post quite depressing really. EB were moving the taps and so we were waiting all week for the estimator to calculate the cost even though it was a no cost building variation. This week EB changed their mind and have decided to compensate us and pay 50% of the spout we were looking to install to fix this issue. We initially asked for EB to compensate us for the taps so we were quite surprised when EB volunteered to move the taps up instead anyhoo that was one week wasted.

So this last week the flyscreens were installed last Tues. Not that eventful really.

A rep from DL came to inspect the tiling on Wed as the mosaic tiles in the kitchen and powder room needs to be redone, they've agreed so this was suppose to get done last week also, didn't happen so hopefully this will get done next week.

Apparently the bricks are getting cleaned on Mon, I was told that this was happening last week so will wait and see. The same goes for the electrician who are coming next week to move the bed side switches.

There's just lots of little things outstanding and it seems like nothing is happening....

Saturday, June 6, 2009


I went for a walk today and found this fence. This is exactly the fence I want and this is the same as our bricks too only in Chatswood instead of Balmoral, love the sandstock capping.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Movin on up

OMG EB are moving the taps!!!! This is such a huge job and being so close to finishing the house - I never imagined EB would do this. Gotta be happy with that.

Now those tradies better not chip my caesarstone, the last plasterer was a bit careless.

So a slight setback with timing due to the taps but I'm prepared to wait for this to get fixed up.

Last Sunday and today the painters were back finishing the outside and doing touch ups inside. I've been waiting for a nice day to take a photo of the outside as the balcony posts are done and so is the pergola. I think they even painted the lintels will check out the house tomorrow.