Monday, March 22, 2010

On-going maintenance or lack of it

I really didn't want to vent anymore but's been 5 months since we had the maintenance inspection done and we still have outstanding items.
Ok, so we've been living with the defects and things were coming along sloooooowly BUT
I just called Eden Brae today and apparently all our items had been DONE according to their books????

I think EB need to rethink their procedures.....

No-one has come out to check that everything has been completed.

We've not signed anything to say things were done so how do they check????

Do they just wait for people to call up and say hey this hasn't been fixed????

We sent an email three weeks ago to say hey what are you doing. No response.

This is no longer acceptable. They just seem to wait and wait until people have no patience left.

No idea?? or don't care????