Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bathroom Selection

Almost everything is finalised now just waiting on the electrical, I thought I'd post our bathroom selection so bored of waiting to finalise all the PVC's...

We've chosen the Fowler Seido inset basins with 20mm CaesarStone vanity bench tops in 'Ice Snow' and the vanity cupboards in Laminex 'White' with flint finish...thought about doing a dark colour like above but since we weren't upgrading to poly I didn't think it would look as great.

Have upgraded the shower screens to frameless ones
Have upgraded the tiles to 1.2m height to all bathrooms
Also picked large tiles for the bathroom 600*300 so these are getting laid vertically

Have not upgraded the taps & shower heads...will change these later

The powder room will have different tiles to the rest of the bathrooms as it's downstairs and the floor tiles are the same throughout the whole ground floor including the powder the floor tiles will be 'Rex Concreate' in Mud, the wall tiles will just be plain white tiles and the splashback will be the same as the kitchen splashback 'Casa Mood Neutra Silver Lux' hopefully this will work inspiration for the white tiles in the powder room (below)...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

House no more

Demolition finished on Friday, the block looks so much bigger now without the house. Looking forward to start the building process.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Still waiting on "estimating"

Boy am I sick of hearing that!!!! we signed the contract almost 4 months ago and we are still no closer to getting things finalised. I am so tired of EB's poor excuse that they are waiting on 'estimating' to provide them with the answers...if they're not giving you an answer then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT... Why do we have to get pissed off before they do anything?? What the hell do the customer service people do???

The last changes we asked for was to get the bottom two stairs painted how can that take 5 weeks to get a quote????

I've had enough and we haven't started building yet...