Friday, January 30, 2009

Roof (Day Two)

I checked the house today as we received an invoice for the completed brickwork; There's been no action since the 21st Jan - the bricks were almost complete with the exception of the pillars (still waiting for the curved t-bar for the portico). As you can see from the pics the pillars are still incomplete but to my surprise I found the ROOF ON...hooray some action finally...I guess this is not the best time to start building????just too hot or it's raining is there such a thing as too cold???This took all of two days??? I can see that there are tiles missing on the very top - not sure how this gets checked properly. I'm very happy with the bricks (I think I've said that already) but every time I look at them I'm just so pleased; I guess it does pay to pick the ones you want as you'll be looking at them everyday. Imagine what they'll look like once they get cleaned. It's been a slow start to the year but I hope things will keep moving quickly from here on in as our rental place has just been put on the market...arrgghhh - let's hope it doesn't sell till March, with the 6week settlement hopefully this will bring it to May when we're hoping we can move into our new house.

Will go around the block tomorrow to do a thorough check of the frames and floors - see if there's any damage from the elements (just read homeone forum and saw the Southies thread with their building progress - not good). Plus will need to mow the council patch as it looks like crap plus the builders just keep dumping rubbish outside on the ground....arrgghhh

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wish List

I rang our site supervisor last week and he was still on holidays, I was told that things will start moving this mid-week and still no sign of bricklayers was a very hot day today??? maybe they'll be some action tomorrow....

Did a bit of window shopping today for furniture at Bella Vista. Feel free to send me comments on where to go furniture shopping in Sydney; would like to take my time on choosing the right pieces for the house (never mind that we don't really have funds to buy everything at once). I'd like to extend this process anyway as I think it's fun to do...

Here are some pieces which I think will look great in the house:

I'd like this chair in the main bedroom

comfy lounge for the TV room

in the main lounge area - would like these shelves (maybe) in white so it looks a bit more modern....

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Industry Shutdown

EB will be claiming a 5 week extension to our contract, so there's no work happening until the 22nd Jan 09.

I'll be looking at the landscaping and fences during this period; Spent the xmas break with family & friends in Nelson Bay & Newcastle and spent a lot of time swimming - would dearly love to add a pool. May have to include this in the landscape plan but will install later, could be a five year plan...

Nothing much happened in Dec, the bricks were half done & the scaffolding erected.

View from upstairs

main bedroom
bedroom 3 - corner side
main bathroom