Saturday, August 29, 2009

Work has kept me so busy I've neglected my blog; We've finally unpacked most of our stuff and have been able to get the car in the garage. The landscaping started three weeks ago and we're hoping it'll be completed next week so we can have a house warming party. Were only getting the bare minimum done with the landscaping - the front fence, retaining walls around the back, paving the alfresco & laundry / garage area and putting in turf. No plants. This will just have to be a WIP.

We haven't had too many issues with the house, just the front door lock breaking and the pump in the water tank stuffing up - this is still an issue, hoping someone will fix it next week. Had not noticed but this had been turned off the whole time and when we turned it on it was stuffed.

We still have no blinds, have not organised anything yet I'm still undecided as to what to have. I think this will have to wait post xmas as funds have depleted somewhat due to the landscaping and bits and pieces we've bought for the house.

I'll post some pics next week of the landscaping, cannot wait to be able to open the bifold doors and sit outside and soak up the sun.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Finally here are some pics of our house...we have had such a busy last couple of weeks moving, cleaning, packing & unpacking and to top it of I got a new job last week!!! so life's been very busy.

Entrance & stairs - I think getting EB to redo the stairs has paid off, very happy with this result.

As mentioned in my previous postings I was very happy with the carpet colour, matched the tiling perfectly.
French doors to the study downstairs
front room - still not sure what type of window coverings to have here??? should I get shutters? or curtains?
back area with bi-fold doors to alfresco area - cannot wait to get this outside sorted out
this is now the rumpus room - full of play stuff - I think this is the best room in the house in terms of the light & getting the morning sun
my kitchen - very happy now that almost everything is unpacked
love the mosaic tiles in the kitchen - not sure if I should put a glass over the top...

this is the end result of the double tiling, could not wait another month or two to sort this out so we are just living with it, the independent inspector we had thought it was acceptable.
my new white lounges in the front room, now with lovely cushions; would love to get some built-in bookcase in this room and some tables would be good too.
these are the new taps we replaced as the other ones were hard to get your hands underneath to wash your hands - thanks EB....EB did pay for half these taps but when the plumbers installed these taps when we moved in they also took the old ones. Let me say that again EB installed taps which were not usable we paid for 6 new taps (almost one thousand dollars )and EB paid half. The new taps which we paid for were installed and the plumbers took the original ones....So now these taps are installed, the tiling needs to be redone as there are large holes - I'm not really sure how this has happened as the whole point to getting these taps were that they were the same shape. They use the same who knows if these will ever get fixed now??? I told my SS straight away but I think he is now MIA
my kitchen at night - with the rangehood & oven installed. I had drama after drama with these appliances, I had to get Smeg out as one of the cooktop didn't work, one of the oven buttons was faulty and whoever installed my rangehood forgot to take this flap out so it was very noisy. All is fine now. Gabrielle kitchen came out to sort some stuff out and I'm hoping they are coming out again, they kindly installed my trim kit for the microwave which looks great. Have ordered some stuff for the drawers. Since the rangehood was just installed - the cornice has to be fixed. Again I told my SS this in the first week we moved and have not heard from him...hhmmm
loving my kitchen
daughters room with new bed & quilt
our bed with new curtains, have ordered bed side lamps but has taken forever to get...another drama.