Tuesday, April 28, 2009

According to my fellow blogger 'The Southies" they are hoping to finish by the end of May, so using that deduction we should be in the house in two weeks!!!! Will have to keep guessing as my SS won't give me a timeframe. He did say 'a couple of weeks' today...

Slight hiccup today, the mirrors were installed before the splashback and were placed well below were the tiles were going - so the tiler would have had to cut the tiles around the mirror - would not have been a pretty site; plus we're paying extra for the tiles to be 1.2m - did not really want this cut around...did not make sense anyhooo this is getting sorted thanks to the CM who was very accommodating to sorting this out; The mirrors will need to be moved up above the tiling.

The bed light switches have been sorted too, measured them today as we had no idea where they were being placed - all is ok, not exactly the right spots but at least the switches won't be behind the bed.

There was also a slight hiccup regarding the painting of the woodwork last week, as we wanted the woodwork around the windows a different colour to the internal wall which we specified in our final variation as Crisp White, but for some reason my SS didn't have this variation in his system. I'm very happy that my CSR sorted this out straight away and rectified the issue.

The internal painting still to be completed, the gloss have not been applied; would probably need touch ups also after the powerpoints and switches have been put in.

The tilers were in Mon and should finish tomorrow, can't wait to see my floor tiles and splashback.

EDIT: I thought the electricals had to be done first as they've marked on the floor where things were?? now they're getting covered up because of the tiling? how does that work? I noticed too that the aircon vents have been installed.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I'm so tired today, huge weekend moving boxes but this is only the preliminary move with the removalist coming next Sat to move the big items. So more packing this week. Our new rental is sooo close to the new house, it had our names written all over it. The New House site has the 'old house' still on it. Our new house is further to the front and side boundaries so we have more backyard and the new house has a smaller foot print.

The fittings are getting done this week as well as the electricals;

I'm hoping we are not going to have another drama regarding some bed side light switches, lets see how EB deals with this as we have voiced our concern to the CM regarding this matter.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Garage Doors In!!!

Garage door tick.

OMG I can't believe I can be so excited about a garage door - very happy with the colour choice in Dune with Ranch design; I think it blends well with the bricks and complements the brick piers in Greenstead

House painted tick, have not been inside to see - here is my front door

Combo of colours - Woodland Grey, Dune, Greenstead, Pearl White & Crisp White

Side Pergola tick - this was erected yesterday
Sky Light tick - this was done on Monday - not sure about my roof tiles if you take a closer look, will definitely need to ask my SS about this

Our house so far, seems like we are very close to the finish line. Must go and keep packing now.
No activity at the house today.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Move

Today was a good day, it's good to know there are still kind people out there.

We have been looking for sometime now for a rental property as I mentioned before our rental property sold and in this tough rental market it has been very tough indeed competing with people who are putting in 12mth leases on their application to our 3-6mth application no matter how great our references maybe.

Today we have been accepted - HOORAY and to top it off we are very close to our new house we do not need a removalist when we make the next move totally unbelievable (there is a god). The house is sooo close I could put a web cam on my blog of the site, should I? or shouldn't I?...just kidding EB. lol.

Just a great relief today...I just want to sign that lease now, it's too good to be true. So signing tomorrow I hope.

If there is one thing that I'm positive will happen once we sign the new lease EB will give us a date for a walk through, it's bound to happen right?? Whatever, I just need to get through one day at a time.

I think the painters are still working on the house...the wall colour doesn't seem to be what I thought it would be from the sample pot I got??? I'm hoping that what I saw on the garage wall was only undercoat, it looked very gray for Pearl White...

Just read Sharnel's blog " My Life - My Loves"

I love this quote:

"Your toddler will do what they need to do, and not necessarily what you say. If you're patient, then they will be patient. If you speak gently, then they will be gentle. Whatever you want them to be, you have to start becoming."

Found via Stephmodo. Quote by Helen Hunt.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Went by the house this morning, and there's lots of cuttings happening in the garage must be for the sky light in the bathroom.The painters are there too.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I thought I'd change the colour of my blog to reflect the current state of the house at the moment it's looking - WHITE. WHITE. WHITE.

The painters were hard at work on Sat and the Solar panels were also moved on Sat. They had to change the position of the solar panel as it blocked the space for the sky light in the bathroom. Not sure if the new position helps actually...will see.

Went to Flower Power today, love that place just getting ideas on what to plant and more importantly how much, the landscaping will definitely be something we'll complete next year as much as I'd love to get this done straight away. I think it's something I'll research some more - which means I need more home magazines to look at...all for research I say.

I hope this rain stops this week, there's painting to be done. The lower eaves and cladding have to be painted as well as the internals.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Relay for Life

Now for something unrelated I'm participating in 'The Relay for Life" so if anyone is reading this and feeling generous please donate to the link below


Thursday, April 16, 2009

The painters are in. The painters are in. Hooray.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fowler Seido Inset Basin

In reference to my previous entry below - I was going for this look, check out the height between the taps/spout and basin

our bathroom so far - not quite the same, amazing what a few inches can do...

Lots of painting happening this week and next week too I guess.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Caesarstone benchtops are in

This is the flush mount cooktop, I was so excited to see this I forgot to check the joins in the benhtop D'oh!

The waterfall edge - there was a huge sign on the bench that if you take this cover of Casa Marble will not take responsibility for any damage - seems fair. According to my SS the painter will put drop sheets on these babies anyway.

pencil edge in bathrooms - love the basins but a tad disappointed with where the taps/spout are going to be; I would have preferred them to be a bit higher, it doesn't leave much room between the spout and basin; this wasn't specified anywhere in the plan...must be a standard height??? hope this turns out ok. if anything there would be less splashing??

I just had this image in my head of what I thought they will look like have added in next post but I think they still look fine. I'm still happy with them, they look awesome with the caesarstone benchtop.

Not sure about those tiles on the side though, just noticed them now.

this is the main bathroom
powder room - can't wait to see this with the mosaic tiles

this is the wc, I prefer the gap here between the taps and basin, just noticed that the tiles will be below the taps if that's the line where the tiles will be, this seems a bit strange?? I just noticed this now, not sure why this is a different height. I did notice today that this cabinet is so low that my daughter can reach the sink, I don't think this is a bad idea.

Back to the hob saga, I forgot to mention last week that when I spoke to the CM he did say that if we wanted to take the hob out, they would do so; I just thought if we were going for the frameless shower, we need this done properly and have the floor a bit lower in the shower area and the tiler told me that it was already a bit higher in the shower end so the best that can be done would be to level it. So the lesson hear for anyone still going through the selection process and have decided on a fully frameless shower - you need to specify to your builder exactly what you want to happen to the floors; I guess EB probably don't have this request that much otherwise they would have asked me or spoken to me about this when deciding on the shower screens, maybe??

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Landscape Plan

Initial sketch of the landscape plan and fence; Eco Design have provided me with loads of plants to choose from which they thought was suitable based on the criteria I provided them. I wanted an easy to maintain garden that's safe for kids and pets with an Asian/Japanese influence.

Apart from Tues not much activity at the house this week, the rest of the rubbish was cleaned today.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Went to the house today to meet with the CM, I won't go into the discussion but here's hoping we have no more issues to discuss or for me to blog about. I would just prefer to post photos up and get positive comments on how great everything looks, that's really what I would like to happen.

I have had enough dramas in my life, I've taken time off work so I won't be stressed and I just want to focus on getting my health back. I just want to finish my treatment and move into my new house.

Yesterday I was working on my landscaping plan just going through what trees to plant and finding ones suitable for us. Will post the plan tomorrow.

Lots of activity at the house today the benchtops were getting installed along with the basins, sink and cooktop. The balcony rails were also getting done and the scaffolding to go - hooray. I think the sanding is getting done tomorrow. Just realised I covered my kitchen last week but with the benchtop going in they took them all out so will need to put them back on...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Thurs was a busy day, L the carpenter put the side lights in the front and the french doors to the library. Casa Marble did a check measure of the benchtops and the bricks were cleaned in the afternoon. The linings were also done, so no more holes in the ceiling and everything was patched up. I bubble wrapped the kitchen and bathroom cupboards as per the advice I was kindly given by one of the anonymous blog readers.

With regards to the hob saga, we've decided to not bother asking EB to get rid of it. I'm not sure it's worth the battle this time, I just want this over.

We've asked EB if they can provide us with a timeframe of when this will be all wrapped up just so we can work out a plan with regards to our current rental but EB cannot give us a time...it's just very frustrating as our current rental has sold and we're not sure if we can just extend this lease for a month or two or will need to move out and rent elsewhere.

Apart from Thurs no other activity at the house.