Monday, October 5, 2009

Landscaping Front & Side Area

I think overall the landscaping went well; I think it looks great. There were issues with timing but I found Gary & Paul to be very professional and knew what they were doing. We just have the gates to finish, I'm hoping weather permitting this will get done this week. My poor dog has been staying with grandma all this time as we still don't have gates. We have been watering the grass with the rain water tank which I'm glad is full again after this wkend and DH has been out in the rain putting some fertiliser stuff (as per our landscapers instructions) on the grass - apparently this is the best time to put the fertiliser in???
front LHS, in time hoping to have garden on this side and more grass!
this is the low front fence, I think it looks awesome. Made a slight boo boo with not getting a front opening letterbox, it was a bit difficult to brick the side. It looks a bit incomplete due to this but you can't see from the front.
this the front fence going around the front corner to the side fence
these are the front stepping stones, we went with Aspenstone Vanilla with Rumba Pavescape border
these are the stepping stones around the RHS

Landscaping back area

stepping stones meeting with the alfresco pavers
so happy with these pavers - Travertine pavers in Chalk - they match the bricks so well
alfresco area, this is my favourite spot. The guys did an awesome job with the paving.
side - laundry area with same pavers as the driveway - Pavescape in Birch. Love Gary's work, he even did some plumbing when there was a burst water pipe. Glad someone was around when this happened. I think EB's plumber came around after the event to check that all was ok??? still not sure what happened???

and this is the back corner. Lots of planting to be done here!!! The retaining walls were done with treated timber. We had to cut costs here as we had to do the whole back are and sides, I think they look fine. Gary did a great job with these.