Friday, May 7, 2010

one door delivered this week, it's only taken six weeks? who needs a bathroom door that closes anyway???


southies said...

I hear you hermyleen. 9 months here & still rectifications not complete.

I truly believe that their stratgey is to drag things out so that owners eventually give up.

This company has no moral ethics! Shame on you Eden Brae directors.

hermyleen said...

Hi Southies

I guess they're consistent, consistently slooowwww with everything, pre construction, during construction and post construction.

how's your garden going?

southies said...

Sorry hermyleen, I forgot to click on the EMAIL FOLLOW-UP *rolls eyes*.

Landscaping - very slow. Firstly, DH didn't want to pay a landscaper so we're doing it all *groan*. That includes the physical labour. So over DIY!!!

Our murrayas are so slow to grow. I think it's probably my fault. Maybe I didn't clip them at the right spots! Consequently, living in a fishbowl (corner block) is driving me nuts!!!!
Curtains are a must - hopefully in 4 weeks! yippee!!

Will be doing a major transplant late winter of an old frangipani from backyard to front. Praying I don't kill it

Any pics of your garden ?

tim said...

Assaulted in the head office !

Within 1 month of key handover our walls started showing major cracks. Our phone messages and emails were unanswered.

Finally we went to the head office to complain. Horrifying experience! I got punched on the head! Its unimaginable!


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

Our experience with EB was beyond nightmarish.

Few months into the process we were told there were mistakes in the earlier tender and that the cost was being increased by another $11500.

When we complained, we were asked to f... off after having invested nearly $16000 for plans and DA.

Will be complaining Fair Trading.