Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

I'm so glad that 2009 is over!!! Happy New Year!!!!

The highs for 2009 would have to be moving into our new house, it didn't seem to be at the time due to all hassles towards the end of the build but in time we were happy to not have to move again and be able to settle down in our new house. We were able to enjoy the house once we had the landscaping sorted and the fence was done - definite high moving into a new house. Another high for 2009 was having the time off work to spend more time with friends and family. Spending Christmas and New Year in the new house was another highlight for 2009 so I hope this will be a great start for 2010.

The lows of 2009 would have to have been the building process itself, it was definitely not smooth sailing for us. Would not recommend on doing this again. Even going through my treatment had some low points, but I found the building process excruciatingly painful. So glad that that year is over! maybe that's why it was so good to celebrate the New Year....

I don't have any New Years resolution but I do have plans for 2010 with regards to the house.

First I want to get the planting sorted pronto, we're getting loads of weeds in the garden beds so this needs to get sorted at least get the top soil done and maybe we can just put mulch down until we get the plantings done....but this is priority one.

Another must do would be get my window coverings sorted, obviously this has been delayed due to financial constraints but I'm hoping to sort this out earlier rather than later this year...I've also decided on what I'd like done - finally. so here goes, drum roll please....I'd like to get shutters for the front of the house and wooden venetian blinds to the rest of the house. I'm still undecided on the back of the house and what I'd like almost there.

So hopefully we'll hear from someone from EB sometime soon as nothing has been fixed since we had our 13 week inspection in Nov last year, so here's hoping the maintenance people are better than the construction people....actually they did fix something last year - we had a gas leak which I think was sorted out???? we also had our front door locks fixed. We don't have too long a list of defects to be fixed, mostly painting which we knew wasn't the best to begin with.


southies said...

So glad you're loving being in your new home, Hermyleen. Yes, thank goodness 2009 is OVER, for the same reasons!!!
We're working on the plantings also. Hoping to order most of the plants next week!

We've also had our 13 week inspection. The electricians have been. The tilers are due nxt week & the painters will be in after that.
The painters weren't very good. Haphazard work throughout the house. Makes you wonder where Eden Brae's integrity is & how they can brag about quality when they take on **** tradesmen.
Looking forward to seeing your finished garden

alana said...

hi! happy new year!
my husband and i will be building with eden brae soon.. we are still on the tender stage - will be attending tender stage later this month.

we just have some questions that we are hoping someone with first hand experience building with eden brae can shed us some light with.

as per the dates on your blog, you've got that tender signed in April 2008 - then DA Approval 2 months after that. our question is - at what stage did you give the 5% deposit?


hermyleen said...

Hi Alana,

Which home are you building with EB? the deposti is paid in stage 2 post the tender stage and before it goes to council for approval.I refer you to EB's site which gives a breakdown of each stage of the process:

Good luck with your build.

hermyleen said...

Hi Southies,

Are you loving your house too??? do you feel you made all the right decisions in your choices?? which plants are you getting?? are you going through mail order with your plants? It's good to hear your getting your stuff sorted; EB's point of difference is there 'Extensive Warranty Program' so here's hoping...

alana said...

hi hermyleen,

thanks for your response. we are building a windsor46. how many weeks after tender stage is that (still on giving 5% deposit)? sorry for asking specific details
i just wanna make sure the timing for applying for the construction loan is ok. we're having a bit of a prob because of registration/settlement for our block is delayed and if it doesn't settle in March then we have to re-apply for the loan including construction. which might further delay the settlement of the block waiting for our new approval.

it would be best if block settles in march so that we don't have to apply for the whole amount - instead will just have to apply for additional $$$ for construction.

we're just in the very early stage and yet having too much stress already... :(

hermyleen said...

hi alana,

EB I think gives you 7 days or a specified amount of time to accept the tender and proceed to the contract stage where you have to pay your 5% deposit. I think it is also dependent on how many structural changes you make as to when they can get the working drawings to you etc.

So if you are not settling your block until March then I'm not sure how you can proceed to the contract stage.

You should have a CSR assigned to you by now so best speak to them, they would be able to let you know how long you the tender price is valid for.

alana said...

thanks hermyleen!

southies said...

Hello Hermyleen, it's great to be able to get on with life after the 2 year obsession that house-building was! * rolls eyes*.
Ordering plants was delayed a couple of week. So will be ordering on Monday by mail order from Fernview in VIC. The Hebes I will get late Feb from an ebay supplier.

I'm playing it safe & planting Stage 1 (this month): murrayas, dwarf aggies & hebes
Stage 3 (Feb) :Barlerias purple gem or Liriope Evergreen Giant - haven't decided yet.
Stage 3 (winter): more murrayas & hellebores.

As for 'right decisions' : I know we could have done some differently & if we were prepared to spend more money. However, all is OK. Afterall it's only a house!

Anonymous said...
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alana said...

hi hermyleen!
we've accepted the tender last week.. i'm so excited and yet nervous. our house is currently in the market, we're hoping to sell it before we even sign the actual contract.. it's been almost a month since we've placed our existing house in the market, we've had a buyer that backed out for some reason. anyway, i'm thinking of signing and giving that 5% deposit but my husband is quite hesitant to do it before selling the house. is it risky to do that?

alana said...

hi hermyleen,

i have started my blog. do you mind adding a link to my site?

can i also link back to yours?


alana said...

hi hermyleen,

btw, did you already have a construction loan approved before you signed your contract? my husband and i are quite hesitant to sign the contract and give our 5% before at least a conditional approval - we were informed of our borrowing capacity but. i heard that it's just quite normal to sign the contract and give the 5% percent prior to a homeloan conditional approval.. our current house is in the market and we're waiting for it to be sold before we submit our papers to the bank.

quite a bit complicated for us because we are awaiting settlement for our block.. but anyway, did you already have at least the conditional before signing in? cheers!


Anonymous said...

Could you let me know where you built. We ate building the Madison 40 and have not been able to see it on display as they no longer have it on display and I am concerned about the kitchen as they are not flexible with the structural wall and the kitchen place has come back saying they will not build me an island bench around the structural beam I was hoping you could show me your kitchen in person or post s video as it is hard to get a good idea of what the kitchen looks like through your photos I have an email address if it helps to email me something instead

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're enjoying your new home and the nightmare with EBH is over (I hope).
I am currently building with EBH and so I'm living the nightmare now.
I'm not sure where they get their painters from, but the ones we got are pretty hopeless. The construction is already gone past the 36 weeks.
Unfortunately / fortunately we are building along a major road, and even passersby are asking what is wrong with the house, as it has been sitting there for a long time with no apparent work being done. My neighbour jokingly asked me whether we couldn't meet the progress payments and so the builder has stopped work!!!! Which was quite embarrassing as I realised that people may be thinking the same.
I'm toying with the idea of having placards made with highlights (or should I say - lowlights) and recruiting a few friends to "protest in front of the house" so people will know that it’s all EBH’s doing. The stuff ups, unnecessary delays and "no action days" have been mind boggling.
On the other hand EBH haven't done themselves any favours because anybody who's walked passed and asked what's happening has been given the run-down of our experience and have expressed disappointment with EBH and a promise to pass on our story to anybody they know who’s thinking about building with EBH. In fact because of our location, we've had several enquiries because we are building a nice house, and I've just told people the truth - much as the design of the house is great, the builder is one to be avoided.
Anyway “A luta continua” – the struggle with EBH continues. Hopefully we will enjoy our home in spite of the struggle!!