Saturday, July 10, 2010


Hard to imagine a year has gone by since we had the final walk through. Almost a year since we moved in. There's still so much work to do with the house, we still don't have window coverings!!!!

I think everything has been completed now, we had the painter a couple of weeks ago and that was the final thing that had to be done. The bathroom door & basin were replaced before that.

We've been putting some effort into fixing the garden, we planted some camellias in the back corner and some gardenias in the front as well as some lemon, lime & blood orange trees on the eastern side of the block. There's still heaps to do, not sure when we'll ever finish landscaping.

I found this great nursery in dural which specialised in camellia's called Camelia Grove Nursery. It was very hard to choose which camellia to go for as they all looked beautiful, in the end I decided on the Sasanqua variety as they were going to be planted in northern end, at the back of the house. The sasanqua is suppose to be the most versatile of all camellias and are exceptionally sun hardy, it's suppose to be more upright too so can be used as a hedge. I went for the Early Pearly as I love white and also Lucinda which is is a soft pink.

Not sure why I bothered getting a landscaping plan as I'm not really sticking to it.

Camellia Sasanqua 'Lucinda'

Camellia Sasanqua 'Early Pearly'


southies said...

Hi Hermyleen *waves*! Happy anniversary........we too have just hit 12 months & have only today installed the last of the lights!
Don't know about you, but we (that means me) got so tired of making decisions/choices relating to our place that I left the lights this long.

We're still doing the landscaping ourselves - bit by bit, like you. So tiring. We haven't bothered with our landscape plan either! I've changed plant ideas soooo many times.

Lovely choice of flower. Did you compare Camellia Grove to other nurseries? I'm looking at Camellias R Us out at Glenorie. I thought their prices were pretty good. I've got 20 sasanquas to plant but am yet to decide on a supplier.

ANy pics forthcoming of your garden?

hermyleen said...

Great to hear from you southies!!

I checked out your lights, I too love the ones in your dining room, very elegant.

I'd like to go to Camellias R Us too, we just happen to be driving around Dural and found Camellia Grove. I would like to purchase more camellias but we only bought 6 they were around $22 each for 200mm pots.

Will pot pics of the garden soon.

southies said...

BTW, have just emailed both nurseries to get pricing on Betty Ridleys. Will let you know how they compare.
Looking forward to seeing your pics!

alanamaree said...

happy anniversay hermyleen! :) 2 weeks late but still good.. :D

The Little Pig said...

Congrats on your anniversary! My husband and I are looking at Eden Brae for our first grown up home together! I started a blog some time ago - Its more design than anything else but its great to read a variety and work towards own own place with more knowledge. Love advice and love design. Good luck

Manu said...

Hello there, im currently going to start building with eden Brea and im also building at the ponds and just now at the tender stage, i have read your blog a few times but i have not seen a madison house on display.. how did you overcome that. I mean i have the plans and i like them but i have not stepped into one and would like to know if there is any advise or direction you can point me to.

hermyleen said...

Hey Manu, just noticed your comment. When we built the madison, EB had this display home, they have since sold it. I think I have sufficient photos on this blog that can assist you; when we were deciding which house to build, I found this very similar to the entertainer which is at kellyville.